The Busbee Residence


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Kenneth R. Schroeder
The Busbees are my parents-in-law and theirs was the first steel frame home I built.  The house is 2812 square feet in 1 1/2 stories.  This was a kit frame from Classic Steel Frame Homes, and was bolted together. However, even with the pre-fabricated frame, we still had a lot of leeway to move rooms within the floor plan.  We even were able to extend the kitchen area by adding footage on the back corner of the house.  On this project, I used subcontractors only for the slab, plumbing, electrical, cabinetry, and purely for the sake of time as we came into the rainy season, the roof.  all other aspects of this project were completed by myself and my crew.  I am particularly proud of the tile floors in this house.  If you are interested, this house is available for tours so that you may see the finished project up close.
I have over 100 floor plans  that were drawn with steel framing in mind, but almost any plan you have can be converted to work with steel.
Framing with steel allows much more design flexibility than wood because of it's inherant strength advantages.
It is easy to hang pictures on your steel framed walls.  Simply drive a screw into the stud instead of a nail.